The jewels of the seabed

Discover my creation of enamel jewelry in the theme of animals of the seabed. A universe specific to my personality and my art.

La tortue


La raie manta

L'Étoile de mer


From Asia to Africa to the Americas and Oceania, it symbolizes femininity, wisdom, longevity, wealth and luck.

Often associated with a Poseidon chariot sea horse, the seahorse represents the symbol of power and strength in Greek mythology.


Handmade jewellery

the starfish

A marine animal with the power and particularity of infinitely regenerating its arms, it symbolizes hope, courage and self-confidence. 

Giant manta

Angels or Demons! The manta ray is a source of fascination.

It is both frightening and astonishing. Harmless to humans, this majestic fish symbolizes sensitivity and emotions. 

Engraving & Enamel